• My Take on Tactical Pens – What I like and Dislike About Them

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    Here’s a page I created about why to use tactical pens.

  • Pistol shooting tips


    Practice makes perfect and you need to also follow some useful tips when pistol shooting.

    It’s important to always warm up as your body needs time and practice to tune into a specific task. Never lose out of mine the basics as they are the fundamentals on your shooting technique. We talk about grip, stance, breathing, sight alignment, trigger release and follow through. It’s very easy to get a bad habit and this is why is essential to always go through the basics.

    The precision of your shot is always related to the position of the gun at the firing moment. Poor trigger technique and flinch are the main reasons for a bad shooting. You need to practice dry firing-actually more dry firing than live firing at a practice session.

    A tip to remember is to check for flinch from time to time by having a partner load your gun for you. This way you will not know if you pull the trigger on a live round or a dummy.

    Get a pistol that really fits your hand. Not all gun styles fit all hands the same so it’s important to really feel the gun in your hand when buying it. Your index finger should be placed so that it allows a precise and controlled movement when actuating the trigger.

    Have a good grip on the pistol and hold the gun tight. The trigger has to be eased back in a smooth, continuous motion. Never snap or jerk it. Let the trigger move and always be consistent in your shooting.

    Keep in mind to …breath correctly as this seems to be the most difficult thing to achieve. Create a cycle where the breath is momentarily held before and after the shoot. This way there will be no disturb of the natural balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in your bloodstream.