How A Tactical Pen Can Be Of Real Help


Do you want a self-defense product, but you don’t know what to get? If so, then consider getting a tactical pen. Before you go out looking for one, read this article to find out what it is and where to buy one, as well as other useful information.

1. What Is It- It is a self-defense product that resembles a traditional pen and it functions as one. However, a tactical pen was designed for those who want to protect themselves. They are shaped like a real pen, but they can cause some damage to an attacker, which can allow you enough time to escape the situation. That is what a tactical pen is, and there are quite a few benefits of owning one, which will be discussed in the next section.

2. Benefits Of Having One- These pens come in handy if you have to protect yourself. Not only that, but they are small and portable, which means virtually anyone should be able to use it, and you can carry it around with you wherever you go. Another benefit is it is great for those who don’t want to buy a taser or own a gun for self-defense purposes. In short, it’s light, portable, easy to use and they can come in handy if you ever need to protect yourself.


3. Where To Buy A Tactical Pen- Many retailers sell tactical pens, as well as online retailers. If you want to buy a tactical pen, then you should go online because you can compare many pens and then choose the one you think will offer you the most protection. As a rule of thumb, you should browse a few websites and compare pens before choosing one.

4. How To Choose A Pen- Choose a pen that has refillable ink features and choose one that is built to last. The last thing you want is to have to use your pen to get out of a dangerous situation, only for it to fall apart on you. If this happens, then the situation may become even more dangerous and possibly deadly.

Although it’s not a big deal if it has one or night, try to find a pen that has a light. You never know when you will need to use it, but when you do, then you’ll be glad you have one. Some pens have a laser too, so consider getting a pen with extra features such as lasers or lights. Choose a pen that has a blunt in and strong enough to shatter glass because you never know when such a feature will come in handy, but it’s up to you whether or not the pen you choose is capable of doing that.

That’s how you choose a tactical pen and you know where to buy one. You also know the benefits of owning one and  what this type of pen is designed to do. With that said, you can start shopping around for a tactical pen, but make sure you take your time because you want to find the perfect one. Alternatively, you may consider getting yourself a tactical knife, or better yet a pocket or EDC knife that you can carry with you inconspicuously.